The Arts in Chile

Chile has a great arts scene. There is always something going on: an art show, a play, a musical, people singing or dancing on the street, you name it. I had the opportunity to experience some of Chile’s art scene and it was awesome.

I had the opportunity to go to the theater a couple of times and to see a few Chilean plays. One was in Nuñoa and it was about these two kids who participated in a psychological study about a new antidepressant the doctor wanted to try out. One was given a placebo and the other was given the real pill and it was kind of crazy because they both fell in love, but then each one got paranoid about whether it was real love or if it was an effect of the pill. But they ended up together after the study anyways so it was nice that it had a happy ending! The other play was called No Basta Con Amar. This one was also really funny. It was about this couple, where the man was 20 years older than the woman, and how they make their love work. The play made a lot of points about how technology affects love in today’s world and how to find trust in a relationship where the age difference is so drastic. I liked this play because the characters were very funny and they interacted with the audience. The characters would make conversation with the audience and I thought it was really great to be included in the show.

I went to a few museums that were pretty awesome. I went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit in a museum that is under La Moneda and it was amazing. They had some interactive art where we could choose a black and white photo of something classic Chilean, and then we trace over the photo and we can paint the photo and basically give it some color. I also went to the Museo de la Memoria, and that was an incredible experience. It was an incredibly powerful and beautiful place, you learn so much by being there and it’s very eerie to think about the suffering the country experienced in its history.

Another night, I had the opportunity to go to a jazz show with a friend who studies at the Escuela Superior de Jazz. I had never been to a live jazz show so it was an amazing experience. Each musician had their own solo time playing and then they played together as a band. They also had a little cafe where people could order pizza and watch the show at the same time and it was just great. The variety in artistic productions in Chile was overwhelming because it makes you want to try to see everything. It’s a blast when you get to experience someone else’s culture and see how they express it. I hope one day to be able to go back to Chile to see even more.


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